Columbia Mini Muddy Buddy Run: Trying Stuff


[My Little Man is on the left and Big Brother is on the right]

The motto of Columbia Sportswear goes something like this:

“…trying is the fuel of progress. It’s the spirit that pushes people up mountains, down rivers, and across continents… So try. Try often. Try differently. Try harder. Then try again. Greatness will follow. Columbia. Trying stuff since 1938.”

Weeks ago I had signed Little Man up to run the Columbia Mini Muddy Buddy Run with me. We were both stoked about it and were counting down the days until the sloppy, muddy event. I knew this was right up his alley and that he would totally rock it.

On the morning of the run, we decided to sign Big Brother up for the event as well. After the great horse adventure of 2012, we figured why not? Columbia’s motto is trying stuff. Why did we have to exclude our 5 year old special needs son from trying stuff, too? Isn’t trying stuff for everyone? It seems that Big Brother is always full of surprises, so try we did. I knew the mud would be difficult for him sensory-wise, but I also knew that he could do it if he really wanted to.


Big Brother became nervous as we approached the mud pit. I grabbed his hand, looked him in the eyes and said, “baby, you got this, let’s do it together!”

As Big Brother and I crossed the finish line, hand in hand, tears stung my eyes and my heart swelled with pride. He did it. We did it. We tried harder than any other child at the race that day and greatness did follow! We may have come in dead last, but by golly we gave it everything we had and finished with smiles on our faces. I’ve never been more proud of my kids, for the one who pushed his way to the head of the crowd and the one who never gave up even though the entire world would have understood if he had.

Thanks Columbia for encouraging everyone to try stuff.

Little Man didn’t want any help as he pushed himself to the head of the race!

Big Brother was trying to process everything that had just happened!

just as expected, Little Man rocked it and loved every single moment of the mud