Blog Policies


This blog is a collection of Hiking Mama’s thoughts on adoption, autism, special needs parenting, parenting children from “hard places,” and family-focused outdoor exploration. Although this blog first began as on online journal in which to document the many outdoor adventures of Hiking Mama and her family, it soon grew into something larger. Sometimes Hiking Mama wanders off course by posting recipes, children’s science experiments and futile attempts at achieving domestic goddessy. It’s a crazy mix, I know.  Most of all, Hiking Mama hopes to use this blog to inspire others to live a life of adventure.  It really is for everyone.


This blog is a family-friendly space where people can come together to share stories and words of encouragement. Kind comments are always welcome, even when sharing constructive criticism or an opposite opinion. If you attack the blog author or other commenters, your comment will be deleted. It’s all about respect. Just play nice, mkay?


If you are interested in advertising with us, please direct your inquiry to Hiking Mama at  This blog is currently unable to accept advertisements, but we will be moving very soon to another host in which advertisements are allowed.


If you are interested in a promotional giveaway, please contact Hiking Mama at

Product Reviews

Hike.Blog.Love will not participate in any paid reviews. However, Hiking Mama would be happy to review complimentary products and give  honest evaluations in return. Hiking Mama will only post reviews on products that she is pleased with and that her readers would be interested in. For further details, contact Hiking Mama by email at

Guest Bloggers

If you are a blogger who writes about family-friendly outdoor adventures, special needs parenting, adoption or anything related to these topics, we would love to have you as a guest blogger! Contact Hiking Mama by email for more details.


The content of this blog, including all photographs and text, are the property of the blog administrator and may not be copied or used without permission. You are welcome to link to this blog.

Email Contact

Contact Hiking Mama anytime at


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