Adventure for All

Here at Hike. Blog. Love. we believe that adventure is for everyone. That includes kids of all ages, even ones with special needs. It is in honor our our son, affectionately known as Big Brother, that we are on a mission to show the world that adventure and outdoor exploration are for all. Big Brother was adopted at the age of 4 and has been diagnosed with autism and cognitive delay, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit! On this page you will find posts that highlight how we put our words into action: Adventure For All

Adventure: is it really for everyone?

10 Tips for hiking with the special needs child

How to create a hiking group for families of children with special needs

Nature for all: our first special needs hiking group adventure

Yoga for all: the whys and hows of yoga for children and those with special needs

Special needs kids and adventure:when is it too much? (or not enough!)

Trying Stuff is for everyone (Columbia Mini Muddy Buddy Run)

Rockin’ the boat (Big Brother’s 1st canoe trip)

Big Brother’s first hike

Nature and Autism:

Let’s take a walk: nature and autism

In his element: nature and autism

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