In August 2008 we brought home our first son, a one year old child from Vietnam with medical needs [Little Man]. In January 2011, we brought home our second son, a four year old child from Hong Kong, China with cognitive special needs and Autism [Big Brother]. Our journeys have inspired me to be an advocate of older child and special needs adoptions. It is not an easy journey, but the rewards are beyond measure. Here are some of my posts that try to keep it real while still inspiring others to pursue the journey.

A letter to my pre-mommy self

Adoption: Myth vs. Reality

Love IS Enough

A complex beast

Adopting? What I wish I had known

Meeting our 4 year old special needs son for the first time

After the adoption: 6 months home with an older, special needs child


Healing: measured in years, not weeks

Out of order

Special needs and adoption

What I need you to know about older children and adoption

Created for Care: a yearly retreat for adoptive moms

The issue of siblings

Yes, they are real

Birthmother Conversations with a 4 year old

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