The beginning of a journey

One year ago today, Hubby, Little Man and I boarded a plane that would take us to Hong Kong, China. We traveled to this faraway land as a family of three, but returned home as a family of four. After 14 long months of waiting, we were finally going to bring Big Brother home.

Little Man waiting to board the first flight:


Lifting out of detroit….next stop Hong Kong:


What a journey it has been. I can’t wait to blog about the details of our Hong Kong trip from the perspective of being home for a year now. What a journey we were beginning one year ago today! Stay tuned this week as I revist our time in China and reflect on that emotional week when we first met Big Brother….

2 thoughts on “The beginning of a journey

  1. Yay! Time sure flies when they are home. Hard to believe a year ago that Mia and Avi were still in an orphange together. Love following along with your time home!

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