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Has it really been

over a week since I last posted?? Wow. Life is crazy, crazy hectic at the moment. I feel like I barely have a moment to even stop and breath, much less blog. I have a lot going on in my personal life (read: the stuff I keep off of the blog) right now, it’s just…a lot. BUT, I have so much to share with everyone….a successful 4th birthday party for Big Brother, my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary party, lots of new photos from our sunny, warm days at the zoo and park…

I will try to start playing catch-up soon, and I’ll start with Big Brother’s birthday bash. It was great! It was also a bittersweet time for me as well…such a profound feeling to realize that I have missed so much of his life in those first 3+ years. Sigh.

Things are continuing to go well at home. Big Brother is adjusting well and continues to learn more words each day. He is initiating speech more and more, and we continue to move forward (tiny steps!) in the attachment department. Little Man is adjusting to having a brother, and is doing a terrific job. I’ll post more details soon. Hope everyone is enjoying a great week!