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It’s not looking good.  As Friday comes to a close, we still haven’t heard word that we have a visa appointment.  So, I guess this means we will not be with Avi by Christmas.  I’m trying to process my emotions right now, but it’s hard.  Very hard.

To end on a high note, we did receive Big Brother’s “precious information” last night.  It was fantastic.  Big Brother can speak in sentences (in Cantonese) and loves to be hugged.  He’s not a picky eater and sleeps soundly through the night.  He weighs a few more pounds than Little Man and he loves playdo.  He’s doing fantastic.  That is good to hear, and makes me weap with joy.  I’ll post more when I hear something.

A little more…

We now have the final approval that allows us to bring Big Brother home, but we are trying to get the visa appointment scheduled at the embassy in HK. We can’t travel until we can get this appointment. So…no travel dates yet.  We are hopeful that we will hear something today or tomorrow so that we can hop on a plane in the next few days.  However, we also know that there is a chance that we cannot get a visa appointment scheduled for another week or two.  HOPING AND PRAYING that this will not be an issue and that we can get the visa appt. immediately, as in next week.  I’ll keep you updated!