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Fiery Gizzard Trail to Sycamore Falls

Today we hiked the portion of Fiery Gizzard trail that leads to Sycamore Falls.  You can see more of the complete trail here from when we hiked the whole darn thing last year ;o)

Love.this.trail.  Just love it.  It was finally cool enough to hike a bit without being overcome by heat stroke.  Lovely day…love my life…love my fam!  Enjoy.


I have some HYSTERICAL team pictures to post as well, but those will be in my next protected post.  Let’s just say you can definitely see Little Man’s personality shining through ;o)

First Soccer Game

Little Man’s first soccer game of the season was held today.  We weren’t sure how he would handle the crowds and loud noises, but he did awesome!  We are so proud of our big boy…pictures coming soon!

Hiawassee River Rail

Last summer, our little family took a ride down the Hiawasse River like this:


Remember this trip?

This year, we headed back to the Hiawassee but decided to travel down the river like this:

All aboard!

Little Man blowing his train whistle along with the train

Little Man found a new friend on the train

You can read more about the train here.  A fun time was had by all!