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Matching approval, that is!  Hong Kong has officially matched us as Big Brother’s family. We  now begin the count down to travel.  Big Brother will be coming home from Hong Kong and we can’t wait!!!!

We have waited 4 long months for this day….actually, we’ve been waiting 8 months total for it, if you want to get technical 🙂

I don’t know if we will be able to travel by December, but at least it’s possible. We should be traveling in 4-5 months. Now there’s so much to do….details coming soon!

soccer, anyone?

{excuse the cruddy phone photo}

This is Little Man breaking in his new cleats.  Starting in August, he beomes an official soccer player.  We’ve been going to our park in the evenings to “practice.”  The first game should be so funny fun to watch!  I can’t believe he’s not even 3 yet but wants to play so badly.  We decided that we would go ahead and let him try it out, even though I think he’s probably way too young.  I know he will enjoy it though!  That’s what counts, anyways.

Fave Photo Friday

The hubby and yours truly, celebrating my Papa’s birthday.  We look cute together, right?  We hardly ever have our picture captured together, so I’m glad this one turned out so well!  Little Man looked at it and said “me not there?!”  Yes, he was there, just not in the picture.  He seemed quite shocked to learn that  people other than himself could actually be photographed…maybe it’s time to take a break from the camera ;o)