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i heart faces-smiles

I’m going to jump outside of my box today and post a picture that does not include Little Man! I captured this self portrait of hubby and me while we were paddling the Hiawassee River.  Little Man is actually there, sitting in my lap! You can read about our whole excursion here.  Little man had so much fun and was laughing and giggling the entire time, too. But today I wanted to be a little different and showcase the hubby and me 🙂  Love capturing fun moments like this!  This photo totally sums up our day and our marriage…fun! Now head on over to i heart faces to see some great smiles.

Catching up

Making the collage for yesterday’s photo challenege reminded me that I had wanted to make a collage for Little Man from our time at the beach.  I made some from our first day at the beach and you can see them here, but I never went back to document the rest of our vacation.  Oh well, eventually I will compile all the collages and photos into a photo book…someday!  For now, here they are.

i heart faces – collages


they just wanna have some fun, too!

One old wooden canoe + serene Harpeth River + two fishing poles = boys day out. I love these photos of hubby and little man together.  These two guys–they are two peas in a pod!  Oh how they love to spend time together in the great outdoors.  I’m so glad that I tagged along to capture all the fun moments.  We had such a blast that day.  The weather was perfect and the wildlife abundant (and no fishies were harmed in the making of this collage–we sent our little catch on his way soon after the photo!). Some days are just blessed from the start. 

Now head on over to i heart faces for some awesome collages!


spring has sprung.  The backyard is slowly but surely turning green again…at least a little bit.  Ahhhh….warmth!!  Since I’m always behind the camera, I decided to have a little man-mama photo shoot out back today.  I want him to know that yes–I really was there!! Excuse the lack of makeup and the haphazardly tied pony-tail.  Trust me, this is all “dolled” up for me these days.  I’m lucky to even get a shower in, lol.

Yes-I do exist!!

finally--some green trees!!

Row, row, row…

down the Harpeth

Today we spent the morning canoing the Harpeth River.  It was a beautiful spring day (felt more like summer, actually).  After such a rough winter (yes, I know…but rough for us folks down here in the south), it was nice to get back to more warm weathered activities.  Little man loves to canoe or do anything pertaining to water.  He really does a great job out on the water, but today…well, today was interesting 🙂  He was good but a little too curious at times, lol. Little man also caught (and released) his first fish today, a large mouth bass.  Oh, and fell in overboard for the first time ever…

too much fun

fishing with daddy

when asked how big his fish was, he exclaimed "BIIIIIIIGGGGGGG!!"

no luck with his Batman fishing pole

after the hundreth time of telling him to not lean over too far or else...

...this would happen (what you missed was me frantically yanking him out of the water, thank goodness for life jackets!)

nothing phases him...he was still all smiles

gently down the stream

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Here’s to hoping that this week brings us good news!!  We just began painting the boys’ bedroom this weekend and soon we hope to have the new beds ready to go as well.  It feels so “real” now…I can’t believe we are going to have 2 little boys running around our house very soon!!  Everyone keeps telling me about how full my hands will be…all I can say is bring it on 🙂