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Days 5 & 6: Getting caught up

I’ve fallen a bit behind, so I’d better go ahead and post days 5 and 6 together!

First, I’ve actually been doing this for awhile now (but it still counts, right?) and it’s something so wonderful. You can go to to send a free thank you card to an active member of our military.¬† I just sent one right now. I think I may make this a daily act for the rest of December ūüôā¬† It’s so easy and only takes a small amount of your time.¬† Check it out!!

For day 6, I’ll be visiting the sites below to let my clicks do all the work:

And just in case you are a skeptic, this is for you:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  See you tomorrow.

Day 4: Straight from the pantry

…to our community. Today I will be donating some much-needed food items to our local Community Resource and Assistance Center. They hold an open food pantry every Tuesday evening and they are always in need of donations. My pantry at home is overflowing with just the types of food they are requesting. All I have to do is swing open the door to remind me of how blessed we are. I will be taking a box of donations this evening as day four comes to a close.

That’s it.¬† Too tired to write.¬† I’ve been grading non-stop since 7:30 am, so my brain is closed for business now.¬† Sooooo glad tomorrow is Friday!¬† Have a great evening, everyone!

Day 3: HIV Treatment in Vietnam

I don’t have much money to give, but oddly enough my 12 days of kindness seem to be revolving around donations.¬† BUT, in all fairness, these are donations I have been wanting to give for some time now, so I thought¬†this would be the perfect time to follow through.¬† I’ve learned that I tend to put my money where my heart is…and for those who know me well, you¬†know exactly where that is.¬†

Today’s act of giving affects me in a way that I cannot describe.¬† This program holds deep meaning for me personally.¬† I can’t think of any other place I would want my money to go to. In fact, I would give this particular program all the money I had on this Earth if I could. I can barely type these words as the tears are starting to fall.¬† On day 1, I donated to my son’s orphanage.¬† Again I will donate, but in a much different way.¬†

World Wide Orphans is an organization I support wholeheartedly.  Ever heard of them?  Please check them out if not. They are an AMAZING organization that is transforming thousands of lives on a daily basis all around the globe. Here is the program that has grabbed my heart:


WWO treats children with HIV/AIDS at Tam Binh Orphanage #2 in Ho Chi Minh City, at Ba Vi Orphanage outside Hanoi, and at the orphanage in Vung Tau. In addition to arranging with USAID to procure the antiretroviral treatments, WWO runs training programs (sponsored by Bristol Myers-Squibb) for Vietnamese doctors and nurses. WWO supports an in-orphanage school at Tam Binh and at Ba Vi. WWO has begun the HRT program which stands for ‘Hieu Roi Thuong’ in Vietnamese and means ‘Understanding Through Compassion’. HRT is an Early Intervention Program for the children at Tam Binh #2, Ba Vi and Vung Tau¬†orphanages and matches community volunteers (women in the local community) to individual children in the orphanages. In addition, the HRT program supports weekend activity groups for young children at Tam Binh # 2. WWO is a PEPFAR recipient and works closely with USAID in medical and psychosocial programming for orphaned children with HIV/AIDS.

The government of Vietnam has invited WWO to participate in planning and operation of new developmental and psychosocial programs.

This isn’t a feel-good group doing nice things for orphans.¬† This is an organization that is providing real resources and real hope to children all over the world.¬† Their work has made a major impact in the daily lives of many and I will make a contribution towards this effort I posted about above.¬† I do it in honor of my precious son who taught me so many things, but above all, he taught me how to love without limits.¬† For him, I pass that love along.

*WWO has programs all around the globe so please check them out and consider donating towards one of their efforts. They also provide an HIV program in Ethiopia*

Day 2: sock it to me

Wow, can I just say that I am completely and utterly worn out!¬†¬† I didn’t think it was possible to be this exhausted.¬† I love my job, I really do…but the week before/during finals is slowly quickly bringing me to my knees.¬† But that’s neither here nor there…or anywhere.¬† Just in case you were wondering why my blog’s been super quiet lately, well, that’s why. But you didn’t come here for a status update, you came to see what day 2 has brought in my 12 days of kindness.¬† So let’s get on with the show…

A woman in our community is doing a sock drive in honor of her brother’s memory.¬† When you think about it, the concept makes total sense.¬† Everyone always donates used clothing to those in need but old socks get worn out and thrown away.¬† Shelters are always in need of new socks to provide for those they serve, so thus the sock drive was born.¬† Hubby aand I picked up several packages of new socks today and we will donate them this evening.¬† The donations will serve the {insert my city name here}Rescue Mission, Room at the Inn, and the Monroe Harding Children’s Home.¬† It’s amazing how something so trivial can actually be so meaningful…think about how comforting a new pair of socks feel on a cold winter’s night.¬† Everyone deserves to have warm feet, don’t ya think?¬† Alright, now it’s time to get back to grading.¬† Have a nice evening (all 3 of you that still read)!

I ‚ô• Faces: “sweet dreams” photo challenge

I captured this sweet photo in May of this year as we hiked one of our favorite trails. After several hours on the hiking trail, Little man decided to catch a little nap on Daddy’s back.¬†¬† I couldn’t believe that he stayed sound asleep as we traversed some pretty steep and tough terrain.¬† This kid won’t even nap in his nice, soft, still bed.¬† He must have been so worn out that day!¬†

Now head on over to I ‚ô• Faces to see some more great shots!

Day 1: A very special party

Today I am kicking off my 12 days of kindness by doing something¬†very¬†simple–I’m writing a check.¬† But this particular act of giving and the gift itself hold profound meaning for me and for my family.¬† I am donating a sum of money to contribute to a party being held at my son’s orphanage (Tam Binh II).¬† Along with donations from other adoptive parents, the money will be used to purchase gifts and food for a Christmas celebration.¬† The goal is to spread a little love and joy to a place that could use some extra cheer this time of year¬†.¬† I can’t solve all the world’s problems with a small check and a party, but I can help provide a few hours of much needed joy to some children who hold a very special place in my heart.¬† They deserve that and so much more.

May you have a joyful day today as well.  See you tomorrow!

12 Days of Kindness

Blessed is the season, which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. 

 -Hamilton Wright Mabi


My friend Kelly has inspired me to join her this year in 12 days of kindness…go HERE¬† to see how it all began!¬† I have pledged to commit random acts of kindness for 12 consecutive days in December.¬† Right now I’m knee deep in grading and final exams, but soon I’ll be able to get started and report my progress here.¬†

As for myself, I’m doing this because I feel so blessed, so lucky…so grateful for my baby boy who is home in my arms and for the little boy who waits tonight in an oprhanage in Hong Kong. How on earth did I ever become so blessed to have these two little souls in my life?¬† Life isn’t always easy for us and there have been what seemed like monumental challenges this past year, but still I think of how blessed we are and how much I can still give.¬† It doens’t even take money…it just takes time and willingness to give of yourself.¬†

Won’t you join us?!