A Real Dad

“…All of this is beside the point, really, when it comes down to the question of what makes a dad. Because it isn’t genetics. Sorry. My husband is a fantastic biological father. So too was my own father.

But I’ve bristled at the term “adoptive” parent for years because of its insinuation that non-related parents are any less parents. His public persona aside, Michael Jackson has been raising these kids their entire lives – as much as twelve years (in Katherine’s case) of parenting….

…Or is there a deeper problem here? A lack of a simple respect for the ties in non-biological families?…”

full article can be found here.

Obviously the comments over the last week about someone not being a “real dad” due to a lack of  biological connection to a child strikes a serious nerve in me.  There is nothing that disgusts me more than when I hear people say that parents aren’t “real” because they don’t share a genetic link with their children.  pfff…PLEASE.  Give me a break.  So glad I came across this article.  Finally, a voice of reason.


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